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February 2011

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Wow This time in English~~
There was this question in writer's block about bullying - I'm a bit late with the reply, but instead of writing I read through the posts. It was chou~~ omoshiroi~~~

Quite a few people wrote that there was no way they'd walk away without helping. I guess it's mostly a lie. I mean I did stand up for 2 or 3 people and even I wouldn't say, that I'd do it by all means.
I never was a bully nor was I the bullyed one. I was just a simple high school student with a solid group of friends. I didn't even realize there had been bullying going around. There was this guy friend of mine - all the boys teased him coz he was kind of a nerd. Their teasings were mostly cute little jokes and I never knew they did much more serious stuff as well.... well not until a few years ago. This shocked me because my friend never mentioned it...
Well I do think that we all should voice our beliefs but doing it stupidly while risking our own safety would not help anyone, not even the bullyed one. Those bullys are only stepping back when confronting a greater power let it be mental or physical.

Ijou de~su

Haha. Bilingual post. XD

BTW. It's almost the end of the semester. Shiken~jikan~~~XD
Igai ni... I'm not that tired. I'm working on the Hungarian translation of a particular novel... We'll see. What will be will be~
Oh and I almost forgot... I had such a terrible head ache. Had to take 2 pills to kill the pain. Remember to always carry a box of painkiller with you anywhere you go. It can be useful. I had to drive home and endure the pain for more than 40 minutes before taking the medicine. It was pure hell~ But I'm okay now^^

Ja nee~~


haha! you should always post in english.LOL
about that question on bullying, i wanted to answer that but i kind of forgot it..xDDD