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February 2011

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Novel in English

This post is about wether I should or shouldn't give a try to write a novel in English. Of course I'd write it in Hungarian at first and then I'd ask one of my friends who is on English major to translate it into English. I'm not quite confident in my language skills (as I've already written it in many of my posts ^^" Sorry I know I have low self-esteem). So that's why.

I've written numerous stories in Hungarian already, but it looks like the internet-browsing population is not exactly equals to the reading one, so I never even once got any decent critique. It's always no-comment or if the piece is a yaoi novel than "wah cool, I like it, more-more-more" and (insert random meaningless fangirling here). I don't want to write just another average teen-fiction, I'm more into fantasy and even if it happens to be a yaoi novel, it's more about the story than about the erotic scenes.

Well since my fictions are inspired by a certain RPG (not a famous one), and thus are not exactly high literature, I don't want to publish them on amateur writer's forums. I've got the impression that writers on these forums tend to think that they are already high literature enough to have the right to disdain fantasy short stories. Well at least the ones I've encountered with surely think so.

English is a language spoken by many, so I'd have more opportunity to ask for critique.
Is it a good idea?